Project Description

In the Vast Choices of Door Hinges, Is There a Hinge That Fits All Doors?
The answer is simply no. But our self‐closing hinges will always fit your door/frame. Why?

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Recently we cooperate with a hinge manufacturer for glass door in the United States.

Their engineering team has foreseen the potential demands for better door‐closing solution than traditional floor spring. After years of trials and errors, their attempts to design and make a new door closer were not successful as expected. Upon finding out our self‐closing hinges and our RD & production capacity, they entrust us with the integration of the 2 hinge designs.

The result is as the pictures attached below. Fully custom hinge leaves are modularized; this makes switching of different hinge leaves seamless and fast.

Are you looking for door hardware but getting frustrated by the special design of your door/frame? Contact us, and we can make all the technically impossible possible.

We believe a new and better door‐closing solution is a rewarding niche that worth our endeavor. And we look forward to sharing with you this promising future.

A Hinge That Fits All Doors !

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Quite pretty and stylish!
Glass Door Hinge-K51GM
Glass to glass hinges