Project Description

Self closing hinges for fire doors

Safety is the top priority for a “good hotel”, among other factors including dwelling quality, hygiene, noise isolation, and fire resistance. Above all, door closing plays a huge role in hotel safety.

To guarantee ideal noise isolation, user security and fire resistance, hotel doors are typically weather stripped and equipped with door closer. Sometimes weather strips would touch the carpet and door closing would be consequently hindered by this “grinding” problem. You have to choose a competent door closer to be able to achieve automatic door closing.

Typically designers are limited to choose from either door closer or floor spring. With door closer, the overhead arms and overall design are defeating designers’ aesthetic intention. With floor spring, the floor-drilling processes would take countless hours to finish for all rooms. Even if you choose one of them, you would have to make sure the closing force is sufficient to overcome the resistance from the contact of carpet and weatherstrips.

Our client choose Waterson Stainless steel door-closer hinge for this problem. The installation is fast and easy, design is elegant, and closing force is competent even with the interfering contact of strips with floor. Security, noise-isolation, aesthetic design, and fire resistance are all delivered with one little hinge.

Photo Gallery

Fire-rated hinge - spendid and safe!
Fire-rated door closer - K51M
Self closing hinges for fire doors- hotel