Residential Soft-closing Hinges

Suitable for interior wood doors and lightweight metal doors under 75 kg. Fitting for concealed doors and interior doors of all kinds. Easy installation with subtle balance between aesthetics and functionality, we also solve the air pressure problem in confined spaces where self-closing used to be a challenge. Waterson Self-closing hinges can guard your privacy behind the doors, soothe the noises of slamming, and guarantee a comfortable dwelling environment.

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Interior door hinges - W41M,W41K

With Waterson Hinge, Life is Even Easier!

Waterson Hinge can keep kitchen smoke away.
  • Keep kitchen order away
  • Hygiene controlled
Waterson Hinge can give your house a cleaner look.
  • Cover up all the mess
  • Looks neat
Waterson Hinge can keep privacy for you.
  • Guard home security
  • Privacy kept
Waterson Hinge let property be hidden.
  • Property guarded
  • Expensive belongings guarded

Windy or not, We get it covered!

The invisible air molecules are always rushing rapidly in both open and confined spaces. The overall dynamics of these molecules determine the air pressure that we can perceive.

When you open or close windows, these molecules are either pulled in or pushed out of the room, and consequently the air pressure will be changed. This is when the self-closing of door will be influenced and even inconsistent.

Do you have difficulty finding a door closer that can overcome this dilemma? Waterson hinges cover it all!

Windows opened–problems of wind and drafts

Door closing is accelerated by wind

Windows closed–problems with positive air pressure

Door won’t latch properly because of the differences of air pressures inside and outside of the room

W41K- Compatible with your current doors; seamless replacement to your hinge!

No need to consider the thickness of hinge leaves or gap sizes of door and frames.
Simply install and enjoy the self-closing convenience right away.

Interior door with door closer - before
Waterson interior hinge vs door closer - before


After interior door hinge installation-W41K
After interior door hinge installation-W41K



Aluminum non-mortise/flush hinge

ModelFull Name
Door Thickness
Aluminum Flush hinge-
Non mortise
40~50 mm
Aluminum Flush hinge-
Mortise on frame
40~50 mm
lightweight metal doors-W41K-645


Aluminum mortise hinge

ModelFull Name
4*4” (H*W)
Aluminum Mortise hinge-4*4”
40~45 mm
4.5*4.5” (H*W)
Aluminum Mortise hinge-4.5*4.5”
45~50 mm
W41M-mortise hinge aluminum

Quick tips for installing flush hinge – W41K

Waterson Aluminum Flush Hinge is non-handed. No need for mortise and grooving. Lightening-fast installation.
After these 3 tips, you will have wonderful self-closing hereafter:

1. Major leaf for Frame, minor leaf for door
W41K-installation tips-02
2. Use only Waterson screws
W41K-waterson screws
3. No mortise/grooving needed
W41K-installation tips-01

Door won’t latch? Try Waterson hinges!





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Installation Instruction

Installation is lightning fast and easy! You only need to hinges to door/frame and one hex wrench to adjust. Let’s see the operation guide!

Installation Guide

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