Affordable housing developments tend to use institutional-grade materials that continually remind occupants that they are not in traditional homes. The Skid Row Housing Trust in Los Angeles, however, is addressing this disparity by embracing “design equity.” This philosophy acknowledges that everyone deserves to feel good about their home, including people experiencing chronic homelessness or other [...]

A defining feature of Tuscan, Mediterranean, and French country architecture, arched top doors, has recently gained a great deal of storefront door popularity due to their elegance and aesthetics. Many companies around the world have been choosing arched top as their storefront choice. Balmain Fashion Company, the French luxury clothing, and perfume leader [...]

“Very good quality hinges and they work great.” - Amazon customer. 2020 Pool Glass Railing Closing System Glass railing systems are frequently used as attractive barriers around pools and jacuzzis in high-end residential and commercial buildings. They provide an easily maintained and aesthetically pleasing option that can improve safety and perhaps even market [...]

Finland’s high-end Smartblock Company chose Waterson hinges for its popular MeetTime Closed, ChatTime Closed, and TalkTime pods. Waterson’s innovative design was desirable to the Smartblock team for its reliable self-closing, speed control, and hold open features. In addition, Smartblock was interested in Waterson’s space-saving easy installation and adjustability. Why Meeting Pods? Our modern, [...]

Door hardware optimization has always been the primal goal of Waterson Self-closing hinge. It’s designed with cost-saving and energy-saving in mind. It’s no surprise that Waterson hinges are favored by tenants, landlords, and designers.

Check out the fully customed Waterson self-closing hinge. Are you looking for door hardware but getting frustrated by the special design of your door/frame? Contact us, and we can make all the technically impossible possible.

With Waterson Door-closer hinge, Installation and adjustment is lightning fast and simple. You won’t see the protruding arms and boxes of traditional door closer. The strenuous digging and cutting processes for floor spring are not needed anymore. Door opening is now effortless: even a little child under 5 can manage it safely and easily.

Humidity is a huge threat for traditional door hardware. See how Waterson Door-closer hinges are adopted by the Central Taiwan Science Park and solve the years-long problem typically seen in factory or restroom.

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