For scenario like low ceiling and tight corners, you need something else than traditional door closer for self-closing effects. See how Waterson Hinges are chosen by the national association of Architechs and solved the jarring problem with traditional door closers.

The last place you want to install door closer is coastal areas. The constant acid rain would easily eat through the metal surface. Waterson Self­Closing Hinge is designed specifically for this corrosive scenario. All series are constructed in Stainless Steel 304/316 with special surface treating and coating for the maximum corrosion resistance.

Door hardware optimization has always been the primal goal of Waterson Self-closing hinge. It’s designed with cost-saving and energy-saving in mind. It’s no surprise that Waterson hinges are favored by tenants, landlords, and designers.

Check out the fully customed Waterson self-closing hinge. Are you looking for door hardware but getting frustrated by the special design of your door/frame? Contact us, and we can make all the technically impossible possible.

With Waterson Door-closer hinge, Installation and adjustment is lightning fast and simple. You won’t see the protruding arms and boxes of traditional door closer. The strenuous digging and cutting processes for floor spring are not needed anymore. Door opening is now effortless: even a little child under 5 can manage it safely and easily.

Humidity is a huge threat for traditional door hardware. See how Waterson Door-closer hinges are adopted by the Central Taiwan Science Park and solve the years-long problem typically seen in factory or restroom.