Project Description

The Choosing of Door Hardware for Luxury Apartments Must Be Meticulous.

Top Quality and Reliable Must Be One of the Basic Criteria.

How does the architect of a luxury apartment choose door closers?

Regular door closers are ruled out first. They are huge, invasive to aesthetic design, fragile under frequent use, and prone to be broken by wind. Their closing speed is unstable under different temperatures and regular re­adjustment and maintenance is needed.

Floor spring is seemingly an ideal choice. However, it is discarded for its laborious installation. To install a floor spring, you need to cut open the floor, embed the floor spring, and use concrete or other adhesives to fix it. The procedures will be dusty, noisy, and time­consuming which would be a massive annoyance for the dwellers in the luxury apartment.

Special Door Closer for Luxury Apartment.

What alternative do we have then?

For more info for Waterson hinge:

  • Waterson Auto Door –Closer Hinge : Waterson Door‐Closer Hinge: leading durability, convenience, and cost efficiency.
  • Stainless Steel 304/316 : high corrosion resistance and maintenance free.
  • Patented Design with Industrial-grade Control Unit : robust and adjustable safe closing force.
  • ADA Compliant : great accessibility for little children and the disabled.
  • Modularized Leaf Designs : High adaptability to doors of all kinds.

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Patented Design with Industrial-grade Control Unit - Waterson Hinge
Self closing door hinge - stainless steel door hinges
Special door closer for luxury apartment