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Arched top doors, both single doors and double entryways, have recently gained a great popularity due to their elegance and aesthetics. Many companies have been choosing arched top as their entrance. For example, Balmain Fashion Company, French luxury clothing and perfume leader chose arched top doors for their flagship Moscow store. However, finding a solution for an arched top door with a sound self closing system is not easy, particularly when trying to maintain a beautiful exterior.

Waterson Arched Top Door

Major Challenges for Arched Top Door

Finding a self-closing system for an arched top door is challenging, especially with seasonal weather variations. In winter, cold wind enters the store, while in summer, temperatures can reach 30 degrees. The owner prefers to keep the door open for ventilation.

Initial solutions like a conventional floor spring or door closer were considered but proved impractical—there’s no header frame for a door closer, and installing a floor spring is too disruptive for business operations. Besides, since the arch door is designed with luxury and elegant aesthetic, the challenge is even harder to solve!

arched top door

A Go-to Self Closing Solution

Waterson self-closing door hinges perfectly meet the needs of arched top doors. These hinges are affordable, reasonable, easy to install, and effort-free function with these outstanding features:

  • Weatherproof: Performs reliably in both winter and summer, suitable for harsh environments.
  • Stainless Steel: Constructed from marine-grade 316 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance. Guarantee a long-life usage without maintenance for years.
  • Ease of Installation: Straightforward to install, reducing complexity and time involved.
  • Adjustability: Features adjustable closing speeds and a hold-open option for tailored usage and ventilation control. Applying smooth, quiet operation.
  • Aesthetic PVD Finish: Available in various finishes to match luxurious and elegant door designs.

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Waterson Self-closing Door Hinges 

Waterson Closer Hinges combine speed control self-closing technology and traditional hinge mechanism into one attractive component.  Available in full surface and mid-post versions, Waterson Gates Closers are crafted from durable 304, 316, and 316L marine grade stainless steel. These low-maintenance gate closer hinges are easily adjustable to meet ADA & ICC A117.1 requirements for 5lb opening force and closing speed. UL-listed one million cycle times grade-1 testing ensures high quality, secure closing, and reliability in the interior, exterior and harshest environments. See all our features.

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Please note that Waterson Closer Hinges start from a size of 4″x4″. If you’re in need of smaller self-closing hinges, we’d recommend checking out some other resources! Also, we only provide single acting closer hinges. Thank you.

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